Premium Products

Here you can find all premium products recommended by Doctor Amour.

If you for any reason are not pleased with the results, all the products we recommend offers a full 60 day refund.



ecova1 Obsession Phrases

This is the simplest and fastest way out there for women who want to make ANY man feel obsessed with them. Another great thing is that you can watch the free video and then start using their trick today without spending a dime.



LOD_Main-Box_v4_alpha_with-effects-270x300 Language Of Desire

We strongly recommend Language Of Desire if you feel ok to use a little dirty talk. This program is showing great results for women all over the world


ecover  The Guy Magnet System





crackTheGirlCodeProductPackage Crack The Girl Code

This is a program that teaches men to attract the attention of almost every woman, and get the girl they have always wanted. This program does not involve pick up line or any cheap tricks just to get girls quickly in bed, but teaches men subliminal and psychological tactics that can be used not just to attract women, but make them want you


imgres-1 Hook Your Ex

(If getting back with your ex is your main focus, then Hook Your Ex is the best pick)


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